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3793 - Electro-Pneumatic Positioner (HART)

SAMSON 3793 Positioner (Front View)
SAMSON 3793 Positioner (Back View)

Operation: Linear or rotary

Travel/Rotation: 300mm or 170o

Display: Alphanumeric LCD

Features: Auto calibration & tuning.

Communications: HART

Control: PID

Calibration & Tuning: Auto Calibration with Four Different Initialization Modes


The TROVIS 3793 electro-pneumatic positioner is designed to work in heavy industrial applications on single or double acting pneumatic operated control valves.

This modular positioner has HART communications with easy self-calibration, auto-tuning and EXPERTplus diagnostics.

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Features & Benefits

  • High air flow capacity for large sized actuators
  • Modular construction allows for easy addition of modules
  • Simple mounting to all common linear and rotary actuators
  • Non-contact position sensing with retransmission
  • Simple one-knob menu driven configuration
  • Integrated diagnostics with EXPERTplus